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About the enterprise

The basic administrative building of the enterprise.

History of origin and operation.

The enterprise was founded on January 27, 1940, as Zabinka vine.
On October 20 ,1986 it was renamed in Pinsk factory of confectionary goods, on April 28th ,   2001 it was given the name of Communal unitary production enterprise  "Pinsk factory of confectionary goods", on September 28 ,2004 it was transformed into open join stock company  "Pinsk vine factory".

Types of activities.

The major types of activities of the enterprise are:
production of alcoholic goods - fruit vines,
production of alcoholic goods - grape vines (secondary vine production),
production of alcoholic goods - fermented fruit berry spirit juices,
production of alcoholic goods - spirit fruit berry juices,
production of fresh juices for industrial recycle,
production of concentrated  juices,
production of confectionary goods,
provision of communal services.

Production facility.

Provision of basic production with raw materials. Annually the enterprise buys and recycles more than 15 tons of fruit and berries.
Wringing of juice from fruit and berries is carried out with the help of presses of two types:

  1. Press of cycle operation "Buher" with efficiency of 5 tons an hour,
  2. Press of uninterruptible operation  "Fllotweg" with efficiency up to 20 tons an hour.

Production of concentrated juices is realized by vacuum- steaming installation "Nagema" efficiency of 1100 kg of concentrated juice an hour.
Capacitive economy allows storing 970 decaliter of vine material.
Annual power of vine production equals to 970 thousand decaliter.
Annual power of confectionary production equals to 480 tons.
At the enterprise function three lines of pouring into different types of glass bottles productivity of 6 000 bottles each.
The enterprise develops its own base of raw materials by means of cultivation of district fruits and berries. On the territory of subsidiary economy is situated new industrial garden with the square of 22hectares, vineyard of  20 hectares, planting of chokeberry – 11 hectares, planting of black chokeberry – 2 hectares. It is planned to widen the plantings.

Our achievements.

The enterprise is permanent participant of international and republican contests among producers of alcoholic and confectionary goods. During the period of 1995-2009 vine production at international contests was awarded with a Grand Prize, 11 golden, 11 silver, 6 bronze medals. During the last three years goods of the enterprise got annually title of the laureate of contest "The best goods of the Republic of Belarus". In 2009 according to the results of 2008 such title was awarded to fruit fortified sweet vine "Black pearl", among confectionary goods to Lukum "Fruit".


At the enterprise are implemented modern technologies of recycle of fruit berry raw material.
For securing uninterruptible unloading of automobile transport with raw material brought to the enterprise (apples) there operate two elevators-dumpers with hosting capability of 30 and 20 tons, as well as bunkers for apple storing with storing space of 180 tons securing smoothening of irregular raw provision .
In the process of preparation of fiber and juice wringing are used ferments of leading production firms by means of this securing maximal outlet of juice.
Preparation of vine is organized by traditional means of brewing of fruit and berry juices with further blending in correspondence with technological instruction.
At the enterprise are applied special technologies letting to get in the final product perfected consumer properties